Recipe: Delicious Sautéed baby potatoes with steamed spinach

Sautéed baby potatoes with steamed spinach. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil. Sweet potatoes are available sporadically year-round, but they're at their sweetest in fall and winter. They are sometimes mislabeled as yams, which are actually not The only thing I changed is that I used one batch of spinach (baby spinach).

Sautéed baby potatoes with steamed spinach Salt to taste, some folks like it with a just a bit of fresh grated nutmeg. Cover and let sit for a couple minutes, toss again and serve. These Sauteed Baby Red Potatoes are extremely tasty and simple to make. You can cook Sautéed baby potatoes with steamed spinach using 6 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Sautéed baby potatoes with steamed spinach

  1. It’s of Potatoes.
  2. It’s of Butter.
  3. Prepare of Basil.
  4. You need of Salt.
  5. Prepare of Pepper.
  6. Prepare of Spinach.

Rinse the spinach well in cold water to make sure it's very clean. Spin it dry in a salad spinner, leaving just a little water clinging to the leaves. Turkey Cobb Wrap with a side of Steamed Green Beans. Baby spinach is, as the name implies, the smaller and more delicate version of standard spinach.

Sautéed baby potatoes with steamed spinach instructions

  1. Boil the potatoes intil tender. You can steam the spinach on top of it unitl wilt. Set aside..
  2. In a pan, melt butter then add potatoes. Toss for 5 minutes then add pepper and salt. Toss for amother 5 min. Add basil toss lighty then set aside..
  3. On the same pan, place spinach season with salt and pepper. Toss for 2-3 min. Set aside..
  4. Serve potatoes topped it with spinach..

Try serving steamed spinach drizzled with olive oil, then sprinkled with unrefined sea salt and sesame seeds. It's especially delicious in lentil soup, homemade chicken soup or potato soup. Spinach in Baby Food Recipes – When Can Baby Have Spinach? Sautéed Spinach Baby Food **. (May be used for Kale and Collards also). Garlic Butter Sauteed Spinach – easy sauteed spinach recipe with garlic and butter in this healthy Is sauteed spinach still good for you?

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